Better work days are in the works.

Personalized, calendar-aware breaks and healthy actions, built right in Slack & Teams.

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Axl helps you:

Increase physical activity

A more active day means a more restful night

Boost Happiness

Take a moment to stop and smell the roses

Improve focus

Brain boosters to be your most productive self

Reduce stress

Two minute timeouts to break the tension

With snack-sized breaks

Recommended at the right time using your Google or Outlook calendar, 5 minutes or less

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This session is designed to help reduce stress and improve recovery and mood. Put on your stereo headphones and follow the instructions.

3 minute box breathing exercise with binaural beats
From: Rewire Fitness & Healthline
Best for: stress 😌 | Mood 😃 | Better Sleep 💤

How it works

Lack of productivity, focus deficit, sitting for hours, daily anxiety, meeting fatigue, and mood swings. Sounds like burnout!

Axl, the virtual Axolotl, is here to save all from work captivity.

Hit it off

Like a great first date, Axl will ask about all your dreams and desires...

Huh? But really, each week Axl helps set your goals - no long walks on the beach required. Do axolotls go on dates?

Pinch me

Axl PMs with snack-sized break reminders, personalized using the free time on your calendar.

A two-minute desk-ercise, reminder to call mom (she misses you) or a quick focus-booster. All backed by science. Never creepy. Call me maybe?

Is this Love?

Only as much love as you could get from a virtual walking fish.

Like any good companion, Axl gives back more than it takes - sharing healthy habits with the team, and getting your team to finally give breaktime some love again. Or am I dreaming?

Treat Yo Self

Making happy teams.

Create a remote-work environment that promotes simple habits that encourage wellness and connectivity.


Prompts, reminders and recommended actions to get you up and moving.
Tailored to you.


Personalized work break ideas & hidden promotions, all with timeout status.
Coworker respected.


Level up, start a team competition, or share your favorite Axl moments.
Community minded.

Give your back a break.

People who sit more, are likely to die early, even with regular exercise. YIKES! 

A sore back is no fun.

"We’ve gone from walking meeting to meeting to sitting at a desk.

Axl gives me ideas to get on my feet - all on my terms."

"The calendar has been filled with non-stop zooms and touch-points.

With Axl, the team now takes breaks. The timeout status lets the team know to give you a minute."

"More sitting and less breaks leads to more stress.

Axl gives me the insights to understand how my habits are affecting my mood."

Backed by science.

Created in partnership with Rewire Fitness, the evidence-based neuro performance solution for athletes.